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Redesign of NAPNES web sites and services.

NAPNES is currently redesigning our web sites for greater user convenience and more robust delivery of education and services, as well as interactions with members and non-members alike.

Please bear with us as this transformation takes place. We encourage you to register as a guest member by clicking on the signup link above. Our redesign will limit public access to our websites and progressively provide access to content and services based on membership status, products or services purchased, or affiliations with others working collaboratively with NAPNES around the world.

If you register as a GUEST, we are currently experiencing a problem. You should not receive a PAYMENT PENDING email, but may. IF you do please ignore it. We are working to determine why this is happening and correct the problem.

If you would prefer to explore our older web page content as it continues to be updated and redesigned you may click on the following link NAPNES Work-in-Progress! otherwise if you are registered please login above to visit our work-in-progress.

SPECIAL Instructions for e-training site Users-ONLY.

If you are ONLY an eTraining site user and not yet registered with NAPNES, please do so by clicking on the signup link above and register as a guest member. You may use your etraining username/password as your NAPNES guest membership username/password. However, we encourage you to NOT do so as we will be dismantling the etraining site in favor of other education and training resources.

There will be a placeholder for your CURRENT etraining username/password to enter once as a registered user of NAPNES web-site. You may then always login to your NAPNES aMember dashboard and access our etraining site through a single sign-on. For now, if you do NOT choose to create a guest membership account with NAPNES, you may reach the etraining site by clicking on this e-Training link. At a future date this link will be disabled and will no longer work. At that time you MUST register with NAPNES to reach the current etraining site.

For ALL Others

All others may join NAPNES as registered members, or purchasers of products and services by using the registration/signup link above.


NAPNES Online Study Courses for Certifications are Coming Back!

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IV Therapy, Long-Term Care, and Rehabilitation are Coming in 2019, too!


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