Current Bylaws

Bylaws create, organize and set the general guidelines by which this association operates. For example, the bylaws provide for a Board of Directors, Officers, the maintenance of a national headquarters, levels of membership, and much more.

In addition to the our bylaws, NAPNES (like most organizations with a similar structure) also uses Roberts Rules of Order New Revised Edition. This book gives additional instructions on the running of our association in the event our bylaws are silent on a certain subject.

It is important for all members to know the bylaws of the association. Bylaws govern how you participate in the organization, how you can become part of the leadership and your rights, responsibilities and privilidges as a member.

Depending on your relationship with NAPNES, you will be granted certain access to our bylaws. The current bylaws were revised at the 2009 National Convention:

NAPNES Bylaws can be read on-line or downloaded for local printing or offline viewing.

If you are not a member and/or would just like to view the bylaws online, click the link to the right.
If you want to print out a copy on your printer, or would just like to read them off-line, you may save or download a PDF File of the bylaws by clicking the link to the right.
NAPNES no longer prints the bylaws in a booklet form. Ordering a printed copy is no longer supported.
Bylaws Booklet