National Nurses Week 2012

NAPNES Celebrates National Nurses Week Honoring All Nurses
with a Special Salute to Returning Soldiers and Veterans who are also nurses.

Greetings from NAPNES President Ann Bauer, LPN, RP.

On November 21, 2011, President Obama signed into law legislation that will help unemployed veterans find work. Inspired by the intention of the new legislation, and the work of First Lady Michelle O’Bama and Dr. Jill Biden, both strong advocates for military personnel and families, NAPNES implements a 50% reduction on registration for national certification courses for military LPNs and the military equivalent of certified nurse assistants (CNA).

Providing advancement in careers of licensed practical/vocational nurses through national certification courses since the early 1960s, NAPNES is proud to offer returning soldiers and veterans the opportunity to enhance and advance their LPN or nurse aide military education with national certification programs reduced in price for more affordable accessibility. NAPNES is the oldest national nursing association devoted exclusively to the education, practice, and regulation of LP/VNs. A 501(c)3 Public Charity, organized in 1941 to facilitate education of “Practical Nurses” during the nursing shortage created by World War II, NAPNES cherishes a long history of working with military nurses returning to civilian life.

NAPNES honors all nurses every year especially during National Nurses Week, but this year, in keeping with national voices saying “Welcome Home Soldiers!” we acknowledge the dedication and hard work it takes to be not only a soldier and all that entails, but excellent nurses at the same time.

From the very heart of NAPNES, thank you for your service!