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PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION and TREATMENT Part I Prediction and Prevention
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PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION and TREATMENT Part I Prediction and Prevention
Author: NPUAP Guidelines

Since LP/VNs are on the frontlines of managing and preventing pressure ulcers, the latest research and terminology used is important to our practice. As a former wound care nurse, my job included educating other staff and physicians on new principals in treatment and prevention. This article provides current knowledge and practice ammunition for your practice and educational arsenals.

Objectives: After reading this article, the participant will be able to:
1. Define Chronic Wounds
2. Identify Staging for Pressure Ulcers
3. Conceptualize Holistic Approaches to Wound Prevention and Treatments
4. Identify Terms and Definitions for Monitoring Chronic Wound Data
5. Identify etiology of and risk factors for pressure ulcers
6. Understand risk assessment tools and their application
7. Selection and/or use of support surfaces
8. Development and implementation of an individualized program of skin care
9. Identify positioning to decrease risk of tissue breakdown.
10. Describe accurate documentation of pertinent data
11. Use uniform terminology for stages of tissue damage based on specific classification

Contact Hours: 4

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Course available through 31 Dec 2019

Number of lessons: 4
Course time (min): none
Test: on
Cost: $8.00 USD

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