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Pain Management Guidelines
Author: HCANJ, Gililland

This CE program helps the nurse understand the comprehensive nature of a pain management program. The article features the Pain Management Guidelines from the Health Care Association of New Jersey (HCANJ) Best Practices Committee. While this guideline is specific to the state of New Jersey and long-term care, it does none-the-less, provide the practitioner with a model upon which to develop a comprehensive pain management program for their location and employment setting.

Upon completion of this article, the LP/VN will be able to:

1. State the overall purpose of a pain management program.
2. Differentiate between the 2 major classifications of pain.
3. Define each of the following:
a. pain management
b. pain rating scale
c. pain treatment plan.
4. List 2 of the 4 objectives of the Pain Management Guidelines presented in this
5. Discuss the 7 elements involved in the process of developing a pain
management program as presented in this article.

Contact Hours: 1

Cost: $2.00
Course available through 31 Dec 2019

Number of lessons: 9
Course time (min): none
Test: on
Cost: $2.00 USD

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