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  The Board of Directors of the National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc. (NAPNES) recognizes the necessity for all workers in the field of practical/vocational nursing (LP/VN) — both practitioners and educators — to continually develop their professional knowledge and skills throughout their careers. The newly licensed or certified professional can reasonably be expected to demonstrate beginning competence in his/her role and to have a foundation for further growth; but, true expertise requires subsequent learning. The requirement for continuous learning is necessitated because the rate of new knowledge formation in the health and education science is increasing rapidly; and the rate of technological capabilities for applying this knowledge is advancing rapidly as well. As a result, the extent of licensed practical/vocational nursing roles is expanding.   

The NAPNES Board of Directors also recognizes the inherent right of the consumer to expect and receive quality nursing care from practitioners who keep abreast of recent developments in the health profession. To assist in this effort, NAPNES continues to promote and provide opportunities for LP/VNs and practical/vocational nursing educators to continue their education 

The many courses, foreign study tours, seminars and workshops the Association sponsors and co-sponsors, the educational material disseminated in the Journal of Practical Nursing, and the development of course guidelines all testify to the vigor of its activities in continuing LP/VN education.   

The NAPNES Board of Directors demonstrates the Association’s steadfast commitment to LP/VNs by endorsing and promoting a voluntary and/or mandatory formalized system of acknowledging continuing LP/VN education offerings of merit such as seminars, workshops, academic courses, and self-directed study, all of which must meet established education criteria.  As an affiliate member of the Council on the Continuing Education Unit, NAPNES and its Board of Directors fully support the criteria and guidelines as established by that Council.   

Although strong support of continuing LP/VN education is evident by NAPNES Board of Directors, the Board believes that participation in continuing LP/VN education is clearly the responsibility of each LP/VN. This responsibility must be shouldered by everyone involved in licensed practical/vocational nursing if we are to demonstrate to others that self -direction in continuing education is the essence of licensed practical/vocational nursing.   

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