LPN, NCP or LVN, NCP NAPNES Certified in Pharmacology LPN, CLTC or LVN, CLTC NAPNES Certified in Long-Term Care LPN, IVT or LVN, IVT NAPNES Certified in I.V. Therapy

NAPNES offers licensed practical / vocational nurses post licensure certification in Pharmacology, Long-Term Care, and IV Therapy. 

After successful completion of certification exams, candidates may use the following designations in their signature / title:  

  • LPN, NCP or LVN, NCP (NAPNES Certified in Pharmacology) 
  • LPN, CLTC or LVN, CLTC (NAPNES Certified in Long-Term Care) 
  • LPN, IVT or LVN, IVT (NAPNES Certified in I.V. Therapy) 

NAPNES is also researching additional post licensure certifications in partnership with other organizations. These include but are not limited to: first responder, case management, PN Education and more. From time to time, NAPNES conducts practice analysis surveys via our web site. We encourage LP/VNs, LP/VN employers and educators to participate in all surveys applicable. 

In order to help keep our costs at a minimum, certified nurses and certification candidates should review all of the FAQs and follow the procedures exactly. This helps reduce our costs and helps us serve you more quickly. 

This page serves as the gateway to information about current certifications, certification news, certification research, certification and recertification application. The menu that appears at both the top and bottom of this page appears throughout this section. Candidates are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our free online newsletter (form below). Notices about certification / recertification changes are sent via our free online newsletter, and through the “Journal of Practical Nursing” (which requires either membership in NAPNES or a separate subscription). 

Allied Health Professional Certificate in Long-Term Care
New in 2010, NAPNES approved a certification exam in Long-Term Care for unlicensed assistive personnel. The AHP CLTC reviews the following concepts:  

  • Concepts, skills and techniques in geriatric and long-term care nursing 
  • Nursing care theory provided to geriatric patients 
  • Nursing care theory in providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the chronically ill 
  • Review of anatomy and physiology and therapeutic / modified diets. 

This program confirms to employers that the candidate is knowledgeable in long-term care and is engaged in skill building. 


  • AVAILABLE NOW! NAPNES Online Study Course for Pharmacology Learn More! 
  • Online Study Courses for NAPNES IV Therapy and Long-Term Care Certifications are Coming in 2020 
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