National Representation

NAPNES represents LP/VNs, PN Schools, PN Educators and PN Students at national conferences, regulatory meetings and high level nursing policy making meetings.  Individual nurses are not invited to these meetings and it’s the only way the entire practical/vocational nursing profession is represented at these meetings.

Additionally, NAPNES provides educational materials to state and national legislatures and state regulators on P/VN practice and education.

When you join NAPNES, you join an organization that has been the voice of licensed practical/vocational nursing for over 65 years. During that time, NAPNES has worked to keep licensed practical/vocational nursing alive in its present form. NAPNES speaks out for LP/VNs whenever and wherever licensed practical/vocational nursing is threatened. LP/VNs have proven themselves as an integral part of the health-care team and NAPNES believes that its members should be allowed to continue in this role.

Voting Rights

Another very important benefit of membership is your voting rights. Unlike some associations, all membership levels are entitled to a vote. At conventions, members vote on issues that will guide the association and pick the leadership for the organization. This is a critical component to making sure the association is best representing the interests of its members.

Member Discounts

NAPNES members enjoy a variety of discounts including:

  • Certificaiton Renewals
  • Continuing Education (excluding online version)
  • Conference and convention discounts
  • Discounts on various products and services from third party companies

Professional Research

NAPNES conducts research on Practical Nursing and answers questions about and responds to, nursing research conducted by others.

National Standards

National Education and Practice Standards
NAPNES publishes national education and practice standards and works to help make practical nursing education and practice uniform across the U.S.

Professional Networking

NAPNES keeps you in touch with your peers and nursing leaders from across the U.S. This is important for those of you who want to make a difference. The NAPNES network provides you with information about issues affecting LP/VN practice and education from across the country. The NAPNES network enables you to acquire valuable contacts who can share their experience and expertise with you.

Journal of Practical Nursing

Your membership in NAPNES entitles you to a year’s subscription to the Journal of Practical Nursing. The nationally recognized and respected publication is the oldest nursing publication devoted entirely to licensed practical/vocational nursing. Each issue of the quarterly publication keeps you up-to-date on your profession with articles about association news, LP/VN practice, LP/VN education, research, legislation, and regulations affecting the practical nursing profession. The JPN also contains interesting feature, clinical, and continuing education articles on topics of interest to LP/VNs.

Professional Certifications

NAPNES currently offers two national certification programs — One in Pharmacology AND another in Long-Term Care. Students may qualify for the pharmacology certification program. The Director of the Program of Practical/Vocational Nursing should contact NAPNES for the details or visit and download the information.

NAPNES is conducting research and evaluating additional certifications. Potential new certifications are being reivewed for LP/VNs, PN Educators, and Schools of Practical Nursing.

Members Only Web Area

NAPNES offers a variety of additional opportunities for LP/VNs to interact and participate with and through the organization via the members only area of our site. This includes access to private forums, chat rooms, and much more.


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What is NAPNES?

The National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc. (NAPNES) is the national, 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization dedicated to improving the quality, education, practice and recognition of practical nursing schools and of licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses in the U.S.

What does NAPNES do?

NAPNES provides a broad range of educational and professional services to clinicians, educators, students, and to schools of practical nursing. Services include: promotion and protection LP/VN practice and education; research and development of national P/VN practice and education standards; research and development of national P/VN post-licensure certifications; representing LP/VNs, PN Students, PN Schools and PN Educators at national nursing policy meetings; approve and provide CEs for LP/VNs and P/VN Educators; publication of informational books and pamphlets relating to practical nursing; provide workshops and seminars; educate to legislatures, regulators and the public on issues affecting the education and practice of LP/VNs; maintain a web presence; and much more.

Who are NAPNES Members?

NAPNES’ membership consists of licensed practical nurses (or vocational nurses, as they are called in Texas and California), registered nurses, P/VN Educators, P/VN Students, P/VN Schools, agencies, and caregivers in all fields. General members include doctors, lawyers, and laymen. Schools of practical nursing often encourage their students to become student members to orient them to the importance of their professional association. Anyone who supports the mission of the association may join NAPNES.

What does NAPNES do with my membership money?

This is a very good question. There are many expenses involved with running and maintaining the association. Some examples include: office rent, telephone and other utilities, office equipment and supplies, printing, postage, staff salaries, research, and much more. For example, NAPNES spends approximately $20,000 each year just to print the Journal of Practical Nursing. We must also send staff and or board members to important national policy and nursing events. This adds trasportation and motel costs. In addition to member dues, NAPNES works with select corporations to obtain contributions and grants. NAPNES is a non-profit association and strict financial records are maintained and filed every year.

How can my membership make a difference?

Every membership is critical. Because many of our costs are fixed, each additional membership allows us to expand the services we provide to our members as well as allowing us to better promote and protect the profession.

Can I mail in payment for online membership?

No, we’re sorry but we cannot accept eMemberships in any form other than online. eMemberships are deeply discounted and this is because the process is nearly fully automated, requiring very little human intervention. Fifteen dollars of the eMember discount is because the Journal of Practical Nursing is delivered electronically. The remaining twenty-five dollar discount is because the membership card is delivered electronically and because the application process is done online and requires not human intervention..

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