NAPNES offers accredited schools of Practical Nursing an opportunity to have 100% of their students take the NAPNES Pharmcology certification exam. NAPNES waives the normal $100 registration fee for your students. Employers in many states accross the country ask for the NAPNES pharmacology certification card by name. It may be easier for your students to pass now than five years from now when they’ve been specializing in one area. Here are the steps involved (and some suggestions) to participate in this program:

  1. Notify NAPNES Certification Department – Email the certification department with a letter of intent. Include the name, address, and phone number of the school, also include a contact name and email address for the program director at the school and the instructor that will be coordinating the program.
  2. Student Membership – this program requires that 100% of the students and faculty are members of NAPNES. Students membership is just $10 per year and faculty memberships are as low as $35 per year.
    • There are options with regards to payment of membership dues. NAPNES will accept a purchase order or check from the school to cover all memberships. Email our certification department for more details. Many schools collect the membership dues and testing fees (see testing below) as part of the activity fees charged with tuition to cover these costs.
    • Schools can elect to have students and faculty pay and register for membership seperately (all links will open in a new Window, when done registering close window to return to this page).
      • Students click here to join. ($10)
      • Faculty have several membership options, all qualify:
  3. Certification Registration – Once the school year is coming to an end the school’s program director should email the certification department. The email must be from the program director and indicate the students listed in the email reasonably assured of passing the program and are ready to be registered for the certification exam.
    • The certification department will mail the school with a special web address. All students who will be taking the exam must register using the web address given.
    • The school will notify the certification department once all students have registered online.
    • The certification department will verify registrations, order usernames and passwords from Castle Worldwide and then email the school with a letter for each student with complete instructions for testing (please allow up to two weeks for this process).
  4. Testing – Students will have up to 60 days from the date of the authorization letter to complete the online exam.
    • Castle Worldwide Charges $60.00 per student. This fee can be paid by the individual student (credit card required) or the school can make arrangements for bulk payment to Castle Worldwide. Bulk payment to Castle Worldwide arrangements cannot be made by NAPNES.
    • The test is 150 questions and is timed. Students can take the exam from any computer that is connected to the Internet. NAPNES does not require the exam to be proctored though many schools choose to do so.
  5. After the Exam
    • Successful students should print out the affidavit, complete and have notarized. The form can be faxed or mailed to NAPNES.
    • Unsuccessful students should print out the report indicating areas that should be studied. These students should email NAPNES certification department for an authorization to re-test. There is a $25.00 fee to NAPNES for each subsequent attempt and a $50 fee to Castle Worldwide for each subsequent attempt.
  6. Certification Pending – Once a student passes the certification exam their certification will remain pending until we receive a copy of their LPN / LVN license. This can be mailed, emailed or faxed to NAPNES upon receipt.
  7. Certification Issued – Once all the requirements have been met, NAPNES’ Certification Department will email a certification card to the newly licensed LPN / LVN. NAPNES only certifies LPN / LVNs so we cannot issue certification cards until the NCLEX-PN has been passed. Students who do not pass the NCLEX-PN the first time are not penalized. The file remains pending until they have succesfully passed the NCLEX exam.
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